716 Exclusive Mix – Tara Clerkin Trio : Music To Remain Indoors To

28.03.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Tara Clerkin Trio is Bristol-based trio that includes guess who? – Tara Clerkin (vocals & clarinet), Sunny Joe Paradisos (drums) and Patrick Benjamin (synths). Tara Clerkin had already released an album under her own name, “Hello” in 2017, and this is the first one as Tara Clerkin Trio: it is simply called “Tara Clerkin Trio” and it’s on the Laura Lies In label, which is based between London & Glasgow. They’ve all played together before in other bands; Tara Clerkin Band (a larger group), Karl Band, E B U (who now performs as a solo artist), Luxury Dad? (post-punk/art rock) and also with Edward Penfold.

I instantly loved the poetry and deepness behind the apparently simple melody in the song “I Know He Will”. That’s how I discovered them.

There is some kind of mysterious avant-garde pop or call it experimental folk or maybe minimal jazz, whatever. It reminds me the golden years of the 2010’s circa 2011-2013 when you had a lot of upcoming artists who played something different than pure electronic music and they were still featured on the electronic music medias. Still, I think I first heard of them on Clone records which is mostly known for quality underground electronic music.

Later on, I was listening to the NTS radioshow from Trevor Jackson and saw he played one of their tracks. Actually they’ve been played in a lot of different shows on NTS, including very different musical horizons, the dj Elena Colombi, mostly known for EBM/Industrial / Wave, the Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Carla del Forno or the Parisian digger Arthur Crunck.

The album is available in digital and vinyl. The vinyl has been sold out, but there is a new repress on pre-sale you can order through bandcamp.

This podcast is an invitation to stay home safe and quiet, meditating. This selection appeals to me as it combines jazz (different kind), classical, indie & alternative rock, soundtrack, experimental, ambient, famous and lesser known artists. You can feel their knowledge of music and harmony through this selection. The band is called Tara Clerkin Trio and their album Tara Clerkin Trio.

Frederick Galliano – Multiples Un
Bill Evans Trio – Jade Visions (Take 2)
Duke Ellington – Fleurette Africaine
Laurence Pike – Rites
Planetes OST – Outside Atmosphere
Richard Youngs – The Sea Is Madness
Alice Coltrane – Krishna Krishna
Julia Holter – Introduction
Maria Callas – Ave Maria
Sean McCann – Lurida
The Books – Contempt
Karl Blau – Drizzle & Frost
Competition – Breaks
Mica Levi – Vanity
Nobukazu Takemura – Long Long Night
Aki Tsuyuko – Flutter
Tenniscoats – Jitsurei
Gareth Williams & Marie Currie – Raindrops From Heaven
Tenniscoats – Ichinichi
Julian Lynch – Water Wheel One
Reiko Kudo – Kaihatsu-san
Woo – Make Me Tea
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – In A Sydney Motel
Mark Hollis – A Life (1895-1915)
Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free
Group Listening – Jay

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