716 Exclusive Mix – Credit 00 : Computer Music Mix

04.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

First time Credit OO was mentionned on 716, it was on this 716 Playlist from Kemaal from Berceuse Héroïque of august 2014 with this fucked up mix :

Alexander Dorn is not only about music, he is before all, about arts. Graduated from the Dresden University of Fine Arts, he drew, painted, did photos collages, made some installations, mostly in Dresden and Leipzig where he has been living for years now. Under the name Credit 00, he released his debut album earlier this year 2017 on the label Uncanny Valley. The Ransom Note did a cool description of the album, track by track. On 716lavie I posted King of Monsters and Level One.

Alexander also runs the label Rat Life records as a sub label of Uncanny Valley. Within 3 years, he has already published some strong releases from big names of the underground as well as more obscure. Among those you might already know, Mono Junk or Sneaker his famous Algerian Raï edits (listen to the 716 Mix of Sneaker).

For some more upcoming talents, at least for me, I loved the Pagan Rites and Konstantin Tschechow for example. Cuthead is pretty cool too.

This mix for 716lavie is a mix of electronic music, proto electro, dark electro and more German acid… masterpiece

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