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21.03.13 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Comment présenter K’Alexi Shelby?
le plus simple c’est encore de renvoyer à sa discographie, à son soundcloud ou à la playlist que j’avais faite de lui. Il est de la partie depuis 89.

How to introduce K’Alexi Shelby?
Well the easiest thing is to mention his sa discography, his soundcloud or the playlist I had made with my favs tracks of him. Alexi is in the game since 89.


1) Fingers Inc – Distant Planet 
​Its just one of those song that helps my mind take flight, It feels & sounds good.

2) K’ Alexi Shelby – Essence Of A Dream
I luv how my thoughts just flow & people from around the world still can connect with it.

3) Phuture 303 – Acid Trax
Raw acid @ its best​

4) Ten City – Devotion
Killer vocal full of love & soul.

5) Derrick May – Strings Of Life 
Just beautiful & ahead of its time.

6) Lil Louis – Blackout 
It’s true still to this day.

7) Eddie Kendricks – Girl You Need A Change Of Mind
All out SOUL

8) Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend 
Pure house to the letter & still works the dance floor.

9) Joe Smooth – Promise Land
A joyful work of art.

10) Glenn Underground – Indians & Bagpipes
Wonderful balance of power & beauty.


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