716 Sélections – Franck Agrario Sélection (Bologne, Italie) en

25.04.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Mercato Delle erbe: an old indoor market where you can shop for food or eat roasted fish. our version of san Miguel market in Madrid.

Via pescheie vecchie : an old street full of character, all the food stores get converted in bars in the evening, you can enjoy deep house at the fish shop. Great

Scolopendra : used musical instrumens and records, possibly the biggest vintage synth collection in the world.

Pizzeria tonino : best pizza ever, the owner opened his first restourant in Tokyo, he is the worldwide ambassador of Napolitan pizza.

Mercatino di via monterumigi : second hand store with a great vinyl selection, vintage hi-fi and a taste for 80″ clothes

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