La Bolée – Paris (75005) en

30.07.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
La Bolée
25, rue Servandoni
75006 75006 Paris
01 46 34 17 68
Open everyday for lunch ( that's original) and has been for the last 27 years
RER : Luxembourg, Metro : Odéon
- Le résumé -

A crêpe place that is open every day, and that’s been there for the last 27 years. All of it without any bells or whistles 2 feet away from Sénat and Luco in little rue Servandoni.

The crêpes are good, even if there’s nothing genius about them, there’s an authentic vibe, the service friendly, and prices low.  A place to know about. A sure deal.

- Lieu -

This place is as small as it is discreet.
I like it. Beware, it’s pretty dark at the end of the room. That being said, it’s a unique place in Paris, a little nook with a dining room table and the crêperie at the back, in the middle, like a DJ “ambiancant une petite salle d’after”.

- L'équipe -

The boss makes the crêpes and another lady takes care of service. Both are friendly.

When I had called earlier, the boss answered and took the time to let me know which table was the best for my reservation. The person who was serving was very flexible and friendly.

- Le repas -

The menu overhead is perfect, it’s the same kind as the one at Little Breizh ( 9,50 euros) and at Pot au Lait ( 12 euros), it’s funny, because here you’re halfway for prices and location wise.

“La complete”

The crêpe itself is pretty surprising, pretty dry, that being said, it’s not bad and the filling is good, egg, ham, cheese, everything is well balanced.

The chocolate one ( there is no lemon one)
The chocolate is homemade.

- Le bilan -

Even though we wont come here to eat the crêpes of the century, the overall product is very good, especially in this area where finding a place to eat well, cheaply and in an authentic and warm atmosphere isn’t easy. 

In fact, there were young people-and older ones- that worked in the area and you could tell they were happy to have this little hideout for lunch.