Have a break – A relaxing, shaking and sometimes disturbing playlist by dj7

24.01.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Have a break : a relaxing, shaking and sometimes disturbing playlist by myself, dj7 and mainly inspired by the crazy “Friendship bracelet Friendship Club mix by Aygeetee

Have a break playlist


Dirty Gold – California Sunrise


We Are Trees – Sunrise Sunset

Cool Runnings – When I Got High With You

Blackbird Blackbird – PURE

Idiot Glee – I Want The Night To Stay

Mind Body Mind – Dunian
Levek – Geographic John

Dead drums – Carousin USA

Dark Dark Dark – Daydreaming


Therapies Son – Rose Red Rose

Coyote Clean Up – This House Boat is Making me Sea Sick


Kid Years – 33 Reasons (To Go to the Park)

Positively Shaking

Blood Diamonds – Heart

Time Wharp – 1992


Doldrums – I’m Homesick Sitting Up Here In My Satellite


Hecq Vs Exillion – Spheres Of Fury

Gold Panda – Quitters Raga

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