Nu Groove Label

19.12.10 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I started to post a few Nu Groove tracks then I decided this cult label diserved a global post.
I made a video selection and put some articles.

This article below is called “NuGroove” and is written by Jahsonic :
“”From the Alphabet of Dub by David Toop N is for Nu Groove.
In the late 80s, the Burrell twins (Ronnie and Rhefji!) formed a label for their deeper, darker, dubbier view of New York Garage. While most New York DJs were mixing dull instrumental versions of House tracks and calling them dubs, Nu Groove was pioneering some radical reconstructions. Listen to the Ronnie Burrell/Tommy Musto dub of Bas Noir’s “I’m Glad You Came To Me” or the Bobby Konders/Peter Daou contributions to the label (“The Poem” 12″ and the Vandal EPs, especially). Nu Groove is now defunct and highly collectable. [Searchin’ by 33/3 and Queen sampled a West End track.]

The dope article that says all with interviews from Rheji Burrell, Daniel Wang and Little Louie Vega is from Family House website and is done by Dax Dj :

The dope video with interviews of all the actors involved is here :

Enjoy !

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