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01.01.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie

As you may know, I’m doing more and more 716 Voyages : I promote destinations by speaking about their cuisine and music/culture.
I was recently in Romania and beside the restaurants I have also digged some Romanian music.
Raw Tools is one of the most interesting electronic music labels right now in Romania and the releases are exclusively in vinyl.

Comme vous le savez peut-être je réalise de plus en plus de voyages 716 durant lesquels je promeus des destinations en parlant de gastronomie et de culture.
J’étais récemment en Roumanie et en en plus des restaurants, je me suis intéressé à la musique actuelle.
Raw Tools est l’un des labels les plus intéressants en musique électronique actuellement et les sorties ne sont qu’en vinyle.

Dj Romansoff qui dirige le label nous propose une 716 Playlist des morceaux qu’il adore et la surprise est de taille.
Dj Romansoff who runs Raw Tools proposes us his 716 Playlist of his favourite tracks. This will be a big surprise cause the music is everything, but electronic music.

1) Dan Penn – Lodi (1973)
Dan Penn’s take on CCR’s hit single is one of the best all-time covers I’ve heard. A soulful, slower version, which is exactly what the track needed in the first place. Brilliant alternative take, which in my opinion completes the track. Check out the piano solo, sick !!

2) Christine McVie – And That’s Saying A Lot (1970)
From the great “Christine Perfect” album, one of my favourites and maybe the greatest work she’s got. Soulful, tight and sexy, great track to get the mood on !

3) Annette Peacock – Survival (1979)
In my opinion, one of the sharpest, most intelligent tracks ever made. Great instrumental, graced by the genius of the talented Annette Peacock, whose voice strikes right through your soul. Inspirational, deep and mindblowing! Gives me goosebumps everytime! Highly recommanded.

4) Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sisters – Never Gonna Turn Around (1977)
One of my favourite soft tracks, always takes me away and loosens up a busy night. Also a great track to end a party with, when everybody is down and out and the sunrise makes his entrance. Lovely soul music to finish your last drink on..

5) Kak – I’ve Got Time (1969)
Country-rock at its best! Slow and optimistic, always a good track to listen to on a sunny day. I recommand the whole album! Makes you feel like you’re touring USA in a coach.

6) Coke Escovedo – No One To Depend On (1975)
One of the most groovy tracks I know and an all-time favourite. The vocals are just mad on this one and the latin flavour of the riffs does it. Superb funk and still sounds as fresh as anything else made this days.

7) Gloria Walker – Papa’s Got The Wagon (1971)
Fine soulful tune, can’t stay still on this one. Awesome groove and a great dancefloor cookie. 100% sure shot !

8) John Drummer Band – If I Could Keep From Laughing (1972)
Another piece from my “car song” compilation. Makes you take the pedal to the metal! Careful now!

9) J. Geils Band – What’s Your Hurry (1970)
Best track of its album, great blues-rock the way i like it, always brings on a good vibe. Among the most played “car songs” in my collection.

10) Geoff & Maria Muldar – Lazybones (1972)
Lazy track for lazy days. Feels like lying down on the grass on a perfect day…

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