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Bunker is celebrating its 20 years birthday and TLR has done a special mix.

DJ Technician – Never Answer The Phone (Various ‎– The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998)
Plastic Sleeves – Cerebral Lineout (Bunker 3019, 2001)
Sendex – Evidence (Bunker3037, 2003)
XPlain – A3 Untitled (Bunker 018, 1994)
BS1 – A1 Untitled (Acid Planet 4, 1994)
Orgue Electronique – The Eye That Never Sleeps (Bunker 3004, 1999)
8Bit Rockers – Mobile Snowmobile (Part 2, Bunker 3018, 2001)
Elec Pt1 – A2 Untitled (Bunker 3083, 2009)
Unit Moebius – Monitor (Bunker 006, 1993)
Mantra – A2 Untitled (Third Mind, Bunker 3085, 2009)
Unit Moebius – Neutral Mix (Bunker 005, 1993)
Novamen – The Hague City (Bunker 3009, 2000)
Sendex – Pure Acid (Bunker 3033, 2003)
Gladio – Slave of Rome (Bunker 3025, 2003)
Unit Moebius – Beat That Percolator (Acid Planet 6, 1997)
Syncom Data – Abenteur Im Abendschein (Bunker 3039, SD Records – SD01, 2004)
Luke Eargoggle – Audio Warriors (Bunker 3027, 2003)
Polygamy Boys – Minus Man (Bunker 3038, 2003)
Unit Moebius – Zipper (Blue Attack Records – 123, 1993)
Polarius – Pump The Box (Jams In The Key Of Smack, Bunker 3022, 2002)
Exaltics – Evolution of the Wrong Species (1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 1), Bunker 3089, 2010)
8Bit Rockers – A2 Untitled (8Bit, Bunker 3011, 2001)
Legowelt – Dance of the Moonbird (Tower Of The Gipsies, Bunker 3030, 2003)
Legowelt – Total Pussy Control (Pimpshifter, Bunker 3002, 2000)
Nimoy – Orca Reunion (Bunker 3070, 2007)
Pametex – Slique Brown Gloves (Bunker 3024, 2003)
Shemale – Aerobicide (Beyond the Northwind, Bunker 3064, 2007)
Composite Profuse – Children of Qana (Roma Aeterna, Bunker 3065, 2007)
Rude 66 – Machine (Bunker 3006, 2000)
Ra-x – Body Rock (Various – The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998)
Polytron – 247 (Various – Sound Of Suomi, Bunker 3034, 2004)
Electronome – On the Scene (Various – The Hague Rocks The Planet #1, Bunker 3000, 1998)
Exaltics – In the End You Got Nothing (1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 2), Bunker 3090, 2010)
Schmerzlabor – Car Audio Test Track (Various – The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998)
Getitboyz – Bass Obsession (Bunker 3012, 2001)
Plastic Sleeves – Robosexual (Bunker 3019, 2001)
Interr-Ference – B3 Untitled (Bunker 026, 1994)
Beverly Hills 808303 – A3 Untitled (Acidplanet 4, 1994)
Los Hermanos Rodriguez – The Hague is The Plague (Bunker3020, 2002)
Legowelt – Electro Race (Various – The Hague Rocks The Planet #1, Bunker 3000, 1998):

TLR also wrote a text for the occasion :

“So here we are. When Guy asked me to do a little something something for the 20 Years Bunker Records party in a few weeks I thought, oh well, why not. “Doesn’t have to be much, like 45 minutes?” he said. But then when I sat down to actually do it, blanks were drawn fast. Where the hell to begin? There’s so much music, and being so close to it over the years all of it has some kinda misplaced significance and meaning. Damn son, this thing got me all ponderous. About my own game, about Bunker, the directions it took over the years and the importance it had in my life and that of a LOT of people around me. I am not even talking about music, but for some Bunker Records literally stood between drop-out-ville gun-in-mouth killing spree blues and the dance floor factory. The number of artists that got their start on Bunker Records and the number of quasi careers it launched is ridiculous. I can go full disclosure and admit that me and mines travelled the world at least half a dozen times on the back of it.

In many ways Bunker is an affirmation of the nerd life, a self contained (and carefuly cultivated) end game of it’s serial monomaniac owner and creator Guy Tavares, who is, by his own admission, stuck forever alone at a high-school dance. Sprung from an environment that has largely been gentrified (The Hague) and a scene that is close to being wiped out (squatters dude!). Stark and slightly pompous in its vision, but never rigid and -godforbid- petty minded. It is also inclusive, welcomes the input of others and is quick to support upcoming artists. It doesn’t really matter who you are or what you credentials are, if you’ve got a story to tell, you can roll no problem, the music always comes first. And yes dammit, sometimes this platitude really is what it is! It makes Bunker Records one of the very few true DIY labels and absolutely unique in today’s music landscape: a Bullshit Detector for the noughties, a tiny giant hammering at the foundations of the Ego Cathedrals other labels like to build. Alas, since none of *important* media seem to notice this birthday (yet), it feels a bit like a man toasting himself in the mirror of a Travel Inn single bedroom with sum minibar party favors listening to Orca Reunion. But hey, Dirty Brown fo’ life!*

Back to this mix then, still wtf… I guess it’s made up of some classics, some personal faves and some tracks I rediscovered while trying to figure out what to put in it. I tried to stay a bit broad and not too much stuck in one sound or period or artist AND not make it too messy. It turned into some GETO shit, RUFF around the edges, far from perfect, but it’s got some confidence and personality: exactly how it should be with a thing like this. We’re on some The Hague shit after all, not 4 decks minimal loops on your Traktor. And yeah your favorite track isn’t in there but erm, don’t take it personal, you’re encouraged to make your own mix.

TLR, CremeXo, 2012

Fekking 20 YEARS BUNKER will be celebrated here:

Line up :
Schmerzlabor (dj set)
Santa Cruz (live)
Unit Moebius (live)
Beverly Hills 808303 (dj set)

– Schmerzlabor (dj set)

– Santa Cruz (live)

– Unit Moebius (live)

– Beverly Hills 808303 (dj set)

The legendary documentary documentary about the Hague electro scene: ‘When I solmy soul to the machine part I’

Find all the Bunker records at Godspill (run by my friend Mehdi)

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