716 Exclusive Mix – DJ Overdose : Almost Old Records Mix

16.03.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Jay Overdose is a producer AND a talented dj, a pioneer of The Hague electro music scene.
On robotdj.net, you can find lots of mixes of him : hip hop, sound track, electro, the guy is prolific.
Recently I really loved his Whoever who you are Ep, an obsessive dark and funky electro track and very well produced.

He is also the half of The Hasbeens alongside with Alden Tyrell.

I recommend you this beautiful video.

I was excited to get a mix of him, and this is a pure electro one. Jay had first given me only the track names cause he tought it would be funny for you to guess.
I tried to guess all the names myself and couldn’t find only a few. So I give you the names of these ones.
For the mixcloud file, I had to put everything so if you wanna play, just download the file below and play !

1) Chase Through The Park
2) Warm As A Cry For Help
3) 808 Volt Mix
4) We Are The Knights
5) Keep On Dancin’
6) Doomsday Of Rap
7) J.J. Fad – Way Out Buy
8) Balli And Fat Daddy – Miami
9) Jive Rhythm Tracks – 122 B.P.M.
10) Clay D – Move Your Body To The Beat
11) Amos Larkin – Rock The Planet
12) Alleys Of Your Mind
13) The Party Has Just Begun
14) Head Booty And Cock
15) Whoever You Are
16) Siberian Nights
17) K.J.’S 808
18) Kamikaze
19) These Are My Beats
20) I Am Crack Cocaine
21) Tony Rock – Pump And Grind
22) Echo Scratch

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