V/A – Dark Sweets, A Moahaha Mixtape (from Holy Warbles blog, 2011)

24.11.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

This is crazy, Mohaha from the Holy Warbles blog has decided to put out a mix called Dark Sweets.
He explains his project :
Dark Sweets is actually a by-product of compiling hours and hours of 50 – 100 year old music from all over the world for a New Years Eve party. For this mix I singled out my favorite tunes among the obscure tracks ripped directly from 78’s. I’ve added a few hits from my own collection but tried to stay away from any tracks I’ve discovered on other comps and mixtapes. So this should be a unique listening experience for most of you.”
Régalez-vous c’est monstrueux!


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    17.11.14 - 12 h 43 min - Guillermo loves holy warbles

    Amazing mixtape! if you want the rest of these amazing compilations from the Owl here you are:

    you’re welcome…

      17.11.14 - 20 h 38 min - Guillaume


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