• Nocow from St Petersbourg released his first tracks in 2008. Since then, he has become a reference for dub techno, techno and ambient, producing 5 albums and about 10 singles or eps.


716 is a web resource dedicated to helping you discover stunning
restaurants and music over the world as well as the city of Paris
through customizable tours.

716 Exclusive Mix – Radio Hobo : Morabeza
08.01.17 - Guillaume

Denis aka Radio Hobo is a German Venezuelan living in Berlin, a dj, a crate digger and a painter, to name a few of his artistic skills. He got invited this year to a festival in Cabo Verde where he pl[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – YancityGurl : Ascon
01.01.17 - Guillaume

Yancity Gurl is a young Russian Producer living in Kazan, state of Tatarstan, 11 hours drive east from Moscow. I discovered his music through his track "Thou Shalt Not Forget" featured on the c[...]

One day and one night at Beauvais before my flight (Beauvais)
03.02.16 - Guillaume

Beauvais, you know? This city where you go for cheap flights with Ryanair or Wizzair? Have you ever considered spending some time there? Maybe not a week or a month, but at least one night or one day?[...]

Saint Miguel – Ivry sur Seine (94200) – EN
01.01.17 - Klaudija

A discovery as I like: a Portugese restaurant that fills up because it's cheap, fresh, efficient and good. In a word: full of life![...]

Dj7 (716) – Laidback Radio Show 06
14.12.16 - Guillaume

My funk/baltic mix in the Laidback radio show of Phil Basephunk yesterday (2nd hour) [...]

716 Exclusive Mixtape – Dj7 (716) : Sangre Caliente
13.12.16 - Guillaume

I accidentally found in a cd case this homemade selection I had made 10 years ago of Afro/Tropical/Latino/Folk songs. Include a personal recording I had made in Belgrade from the local reggae band FC[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Le Chocolat Noir : Madhouse
12.12.16 - Guillaume

The Croatian  "Le Chocolat Noir" is not a newbie. He has been running the radio show Disco Panonia for years on Intergalactic FM and also the club events with this name. You can also call Le Chocol[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Esclé : Wadaha
11.12.16 - Guillaume

I discovered Esclé in a voodoocast he had made for Voodoohop, a super cool podcast series created in Brazil by an art collective (one member being a former member of the French crew Matumbi. Esclé [...]

Özlem – Paris (75010)
09.12.16 - Guillaume

Je suis retourné chez Özlem (le dernier article était de 2013) et, évidemment,  rien n'a bougé question qualité; en revanche le décor a évolué en bien, la cuisine a été refaite, il y a un beau comptoi[...]

Le Penty – Paris (75012) – EN
13.12.16 - Klaudija

Why am I telling you about Penty? It's an antique bar with a warm welcome and generosity both in service and value for money. Among others it is known for the maxi mint tea, so it is an excellent idea[...]

Kaunas (Lituanie)
07.12.16 - Guillaume

Il y a entre Vilnius et Kaunas la rivalité classique qu'on trouve un peu partout entre la capitale et la 2ème ville du pays. La ville est largement étudiante ce qui contribue à son âme. Les habitants [...]

Belle Maison – Paris (75009)
06.12.16 - Guillaume

Belle Maison est le dernier né des restaurants de Franck Ballanger dans le 9ème après Pantruche et Caillebote. A la différence des deux précédents restaurants, je m'y retrouve enfin question confort, [...]