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Karekare: Te Reo O Te Whenua
28.04.15 - Guillaume


716 Playlists – Mrs. Blythe Playlist
11.04.15 - Guillaume


Puglia- Italy
08.04.15 - LisaColas

Puglia is a beautiful region, and it's becoming more and more popular. The heel of the boot is still[...]

Croatia- Dalmatia
07.04.15 - LisaColas

Back from a Croatian jaunt that was far from being the best time I ever had, I was still able to fin[...]

Radovljica (Slovenia)
06.04.15 - LisaColas

Radovljica is a pretty town, 50 km away from Ljubljana, in the heart of the Slovenian Alps. Four yea[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Carbon Cream (Music Investigation) : Walk 2 My Club Mix
06.04.15 - Guillaume


Bled (Slovenia)
03.04.15 - LisaColas

Bled is the most touristic city in Slovenia after Ljubjana. It seems that in the last few years, the[...]

Bohinj Lake (Slovenia)
03.04.15 - LisaColas

Lake Bohinj is absolutely beautiful, less touristic than Bled and just as magnificent. The locals ha[...]

Kranjska Gora (Slovenia)
03.04.15 - LisaColas

Kranjska Gora is the last town before the Italian border. It's a famous winter resort and the starti[...]

Kranj (Slovenia)
03.04.15 - LisaColas

Kranj is a city that is worth the detour, 30 km from Ljubljana. Its first inhabitants go back 600 ye[...]

Naples (Italy) en
02.04.15 - LisaColas


Liepaja (Latvia)
02.04.15 - LisaColas

Liepaja is a city that serves as an access point to the sea, so it holds strategic value.  There's a[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Signals : Où Est Le Papier Mix
19.03.15 - Guillaume


716 Exclusive Mix – Irregular Disco Workers : Mediterranean Workspace Mix
09.03.15 - Guillaume


Jelgava (Latvia)
08.03.15 - LisaColas

Jelgava is the second city to have the most students, people come to visit it notably for its ancien[...]

Jurmala (Latvia)
04.03.15 - LisaColas

At first, they were small fishing towns, they were then united in 1959 to make Jurmala.Check out[...]

Tukums (Latvia)
03.03.15 - LisaColas

Tukums is a little town located an hour away from Riga by car (60 km), it might be interesting to vi[...]

Valmeria (Latvia)
27.02.15 - LisaColas

I enjoyed Valmeria a lot, probably because I got along with the tourism office person, she really un[...]

25.02.15 - LisaColas

I was there on a rainy day, so I didn't see it under its best light. This medieval town hosts many s[...]

Sigulda (Latvia)
25.02.15 - LisaColas

Sigulda is the city with the most tourism out of all the cities I visited in Latvia. I arrived there[...]

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