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716 Exclusive Mix – Françoijack (Vielspaß) : A Springbreak Toward Ghostland
24.04.16 - Guillaume

Françoijack is a long time activist in the art/music scene in Bretagne, the west part of France. He discovered the illegal raves in the early 90's, and since then, his passion for this music and the o[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dj Nomad : Cameroon in Paris (Modern Soul + Disco from the Golden age of the Diaspora)
21.04.16 - Guillaume

Dj Nomad aka Hans has grown up in Germany, surrounded by a mix of cultures. The 1st record he bought was "Parallell Lines" by Blondie, maybe a premonitory title when you know how many bridges he will [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Antoni Maiovvi : I Ain’t Fungified About No Legrification Noways
19.04.16 - Guillaume

Antoni Maiovvi, is a producer, originally from Bristol, now located in Berlin. He is the creator of the horror disco. He loves disco, but hates most of the house music :) He loves Goblin and Tangerin [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Boulo Disjoké : Soul et Neons Mix
17.04.16 - Guillaume

[caption id="attachment_59979" align="aligncenter" width="870"] 716lavie.com organise sa 1ère soirée musicale à Paris le samedi 23 avril au 9B, 68, boulevard de la Villette, Paris (75020), métro : Col[...]

Soirée 716 le samedi 23 avril au 9B, Paris (75020)
13.04.16 - Guillaume

716lavie.com organise sa 1ère soirée musicale à Paris le samedi 23 avril au 9B, 68, boulevard de la Villette, Paris (75020), métro : Colonel Fabien ou Belleville, entrée gratuite. Depuis 2008, 716 pub[...]

Earth Kitchen Bar – Paris (75002) en
27.03.16 - Guillaume

The Earth Kitchen is next to the Harry's Bar, the oldest American bar in Paris, 2 min. walk from Opéra Garnier. There is nothing amazing here, except that it is cozy and undercover, compared to some m[...]

Oriental Pastry El Andalousia – Paris (75018) en
27.03.16 - Guillaume

Excellent oriental pastry in Barbès Rochechouart, Paris. [...]

Chez Mam – Paris (75013) en
27.03.16 - Guillaume

Chez Mam is a funky Chinese place. The owner used to have a job related to computer science. She loves food so she decided to open her own small restaurant where she proposes a cuisine from her native[...]

Twoubadou – Paris (75013) – en
27.03.16 - Guillaume

Thanks to the 716 explorers, I am always updated about off the beaten track places in Paris. Elise has been helping me a lot lately. Here is an haitian gem she found near Austerlitz train station : it[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Schemer (Positive Education) : Drive with a Shadow Girl
25.03.16 - Guillaume

I discovered the crew Positive Education during a Concrete party in the summer 2015. That day the sound was beating really hard in the great room while on the terrace there was a smooth house dj set, [...]

Chez Maï – Paris (75005)
25.03.16 - Guillaume

Awesome vietnamese place owned by Maï for more than 40 years, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. "Chez Maï" is definitely worth a lunch to experience an authentic small restaurant in one of the most t[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Teslasonic : Neutron Star Mix
27.02.16 - Guillaume

"Born as a collective project, a lab of sounds, images and words inspired by the Serbian genius, Teslasonic is the electrical side project of Gianluca Bertasi (aka Feedback) co-founder with Heinrich D[...]

No. 1 Restaurant – Paris (75009)
23.02.16 - Guillaume

Delicious Chinese cuisine from the Hunan region, 2 min. walk from Gare Saint-Lazare. Amazing spot, opened in may 2015. If you want some local tips, ask the young waitress.[...]

Paname Brewing Company – Paris (75019) en
19.02.16 - Guillaume

Oeil de Biche @ Paname Brewing Company 6,20 euros for a pint : pretty decent! The pizza is good, 12 euros, but the girl at the bar who couldn't speak French by the way, was so unfriendly : you [...]

Les Saveurs d’Abyssinie – Paris (75005)
19.02.16 - Guillaume

Les Saveurs d'Abyssinie is a small Ethiopian restaurant opened in summer 2015. It is not the best one I have tried in Paris, but the cuisine is still very decent. And the owner has a very nice persona[...]

Habesha – Paris (75015) en
19.02.16 - Guillaume

When it comes to Ethiopian cuisine in Paris, Habesha is definately a sure shot. They have a lot of positive feedbacks on tripadvisor and it's easy to understand : the team is very friendly. Injera was[...]

Zozan – Paris (75018)
18.02.16 - Guillaume

Zozan is a good Kurdish restaurant in the 18th arrondissement. There is a cheap 19 euros menu at night (starter/main dish/ dessert) and the service is extremely good. The vibe of the whole place is al[...]

716 Playlists – Bionda e Lupo Playlist
17.02.16 - Guillaume

  Bionda e Lupo is a duo that has just released a 12'' on Bordello a Parigi "Ton Rire". Their sound is somewhere between synth pop, electro and the vibe is sexual, nostalgic, energetic, a bit [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Isorinne : Appearance in Memory
05.02.16 - Guillaume

Isorinne has just released his beautiful first album "Recollections of Forgotten Dreams" on Field records, but who is Michel Isorinne? Let' the artist answer himself : "If you ever heard the name M[...]

One day and one night at Beauvais before my flight (Beauvais)
03.02.16 - Guillaume

Beauvais, you know? This city where you go for cheap flights with Ryanair or Wizzair? Have you ever considered spending some time there? Maybe not a week or a month, but at least one night or one day?[...]