716 Exclusive Mix – Ric Piccolo : Wonderful Injection Mix

27.02.20 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Argentinian dj Ric Piccolo is also half of the duo Furor Exótica alongside with Viky Oliver and a dedicated digger of rare 70’s & 80’s Argentinian gems through his mix series « PampasDiscoSchock ». Check his youtube channel discopampa where he posted a few of his edits (watch the 2 videos below).

The first releases he ever did were for the Austral Works series on the  Bordello a Parigi record label (4 volumes between 2014 & 2015).

In 2018 he dropped 4 killer edits on the re-edit record label Passport to Paradise.

In 2019, he released the Android Lover Ep on the new born Broken Detail label. The EP features the massive hit “Android Lover” by Furor Exotica. And guess what?, Ric included it in the 716 Mix. The track is so catchy that when I listened to the mix Ric sent me, I was like “I know this track” but couldn’t figure out from where. Later on, I realized I had just listened to it once when I was checking the new releases of Ric.

This 716 mix is a killah electro/italo/disco selection that includes great productions, you could hardly tell when they were made. Dope stuff! Merci mon ami d’être venu spontanément me proposer cette balle.

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