716 Exclusive Mix – DVS NME : La Science Obscure de l’Electro
17.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have followed DVS NME's podcast for some years now. This Electro music producer and dj based in Colorado has delivered a weekly podcast on Intergalactic FM called "Dark Science Electro" since 2010. [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – DJBöhm 030303 : Brace Yourself ‘Acid’ Is Coming
07.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Jeroen Böhm is one of the members of the Acid collective based in Utrecht, 030303. 030303 is also a record label whose first release was an amazing compilation in 2009 gathering artists such as Luke V[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Erevan DJ : Lost Under Zurna
29.05.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Erevan DJ is a dj from Lyon, France and an active member of the Superposition crew. With Superposition, he organizes the Urban Art Jungle festival that is focused on promoting the local artists from L[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – La Mano Peluda : De Istanbul à Porto-Novo
21.05.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Clément Jehan aka La Mano Peluda is a dj based in Montreal, who explores the grooves from all around the world and more specifically the Latin and African ones during the Canicule Tropicale parties he[...]

716 Playlists – Luxus Varta Playlist
09.05.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Luxus Varta est un producteur français qui a enregistré pour plusieurs labels incontournables de la scène électro contemporaine de qualité tels que Solar One Music du duo The Exaltics, Shipwrec ou Bro[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dj7 (716lavie) : Pot Pourri
06.04.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Sélection du jour avec des nouveautés et des vieilleries. Just a mix out of nowhere to play recent purchases and old elements of my collection w. High Wolf / Black Zone Myth Chant, Riccardo Schirò, Le[...]

Onceaweek 82 by 716 La Vie
29.03.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Delighted to have contributed to the Free & Legal Music blog. They asked me a selection of 7 tracks downloadable legally. Here is their full post. 1. ShunGu - Best.Secret 2. Alloy - Rampin' 3[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Piska Power : For Family and Friends
27.03.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

If you're looking for some distorted acid sounds, a slow-mo trippy rhythmic and some experimental twist on top, Piska Power is for you. This German artist seems to really have fun whilst producing mus[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Kêtu & Phocéephone : Souffles Soudanis
15.03.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I met Nuno from Kêtu records when I was in Ethiopia. We had both been invited at Kidus place for the live recording of his 716 mix : Blowing In The Horn Of Africa. Damien from Phocéephone had already [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Low Tape : Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ?
08.03.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Low Tape is one of my favorite Russian producers. I have mentioned him many times on 716lavie.com. His electronic music is melancholic and sweet, but also knows how to make the hearts groove. [...]

Dust-e-1 – Ruff Cold
06.03.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Bomb! Old school breakbeat at its best by Dust-e-1 [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Radio Gringo : O Mar Ao Fundo
05.02.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

It took 2 years to the Paulista dj and selector Radio Gringo for collecting all these obscure Brazilian love songs. Radio Gringo mainly focuses on jazzy, boogie, disco and ethno music, especially what[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Unouzbeck : We Are Obscure Episode 6
29.01.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered unouzbeck through his edits and his mixes online. I don't know much about him, except he is living in Saint-Etienne, France, just like the Positive Education crew (Leo & Schemer who b[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Dj7 (716lavie) : L’Acid de Corneille
21.01.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I uploaded an old mixtape of mine : The Spiral Tribe, Kevin Saunderson, Mike Paradinas, Adam X, Beverly Hills 808303, Thomas P Heckmann, The Orb, Juno Reactor, Juan Atkins, Planetary Assault System...[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Le Discoboulet : Balearic Disorder Vol. 1
01.12.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Le Discoboulet, another "hidden" dj that I found thanks to Albion who booked it at his festival Camp Cosmic and thanks to Guillaume des Bois who recommended me to listen to his mixes. When I say "hidd[...]

Flashback : 716 Exclusive Mix – Trepanado (Selvagem): Além Do Horizonte
23.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

When it's raining like now in Paris, I just want to escape myself with some smooth music from all over the world. The selection of Augusto Olivani aka Trepanado, half of the duo Selvagem, is perfect f[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Gropina : Something About Chilling
21.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

We don't know much about the Italian producer Gropina from Toscany, now expatriated in Amsterdam, except that he released the intriguing and bewitching 12" Mare Aperto in 2017 on his own label Paesagg[...]

Reposts on soundcloud of the Previous 716 Exclusive Mixes
06.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I am reposting on soundcloud the 716 Exclusive Mixes that had disappeared when they deleted my account a few years ago : 716lavie.com/music/716-exclusive-mixes/. Believe me there are some bombs in th[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Credit 00 : Computer Music Mix
04.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

First time Credit OO was mentionned on 716, it was on this 716 Playlist from Kemaal from Berceuse Héroïque of august 2014 with this fucked up mix : Alexander Dorn is not only about music, he is[...]

716 Playlists – Laner Fax Playlist
03.11.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Here is a Playlist by Karl (Laner Fax / Franck Gérard). I discovered his work as Laner Fax with this old school trancey after-hours breakbeat "97 Firebound". I contacted him for a Playlist, wit[...]