Ed Isar & Guillaume Le Roux (716lavie) – Moins Vite Plus Loin #5
11.06.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

My ethno - ambient mix with Ed Isar for Radio Belleville 1. Celia Green - In The Extreme 2. MLO - Wimborne (MLO mix) / Artiste inconnu - leçon de dactylographie québécoise 3. Tuu - One Thousand [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Ed Isar & Saman The Driver : Roads of Sri Lanka
11.05.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Ed Isar has been pretty active lately with his gigs as a dj, his radio show "Moins Vite Plus Loin" (Slower and Further) and also with the label Musique pour la danse  - which is a sub division of Ment[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) – Pot Pourri 2
07.04.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

A mix I made today as a second part of my Pot Pourri, mixing records I recently bought with no other thought than playing music that go along well together although they are totally different, with vi[...]

716 Playlists – Losange Playlist
31.03.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The French artist Losange  (Benoît Baudrin), who was booked at the Transmusicales de Rennes in 2018, will release an album called "Soul Chopper" the 28th of june 2019 on the Johnkôôl label, a record t[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Daniel Nielles : Cerrando La Discoteca 1977-1990
21.02.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

When I published the 716 Mix of Lord Guardado , I got introduced to Daniel Nielles. I found Lord Guardado through the amazing compilation “La Llama De Prometeo”, dedicated to the New Age Folk Spanish [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Chaosmos : Traveler
06.02.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered Chaosmos from Portugal whilst surfing on soundcloud. I was immediately caught by his ravey touch, a delicate mix of good old school techno songs, funky breakbeats and trippy modern tracks[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Piotr Ddk : Panama Corazón del Universo Musical
25.01.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Piotr Ddk is a record collector and records seller specialized in tropical and latin sounds : Cumbia, Salsa, Calypso, Bolero, Funk. This is his online shop on discogs. For 716lavie, he recorded this m[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Plastic Bamboo : Kleftiko Bay
06.01.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have discovered Plastic Bamboo on my Soundcloud feed. Straight away I was captivated by his Balearic/French Groove/New Age/ Tropical vibe - yes all this at once -, you could just call that great com[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Jasper Verhulst (Altin Gün) : Tour Mix October 2018
23.12.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The bassist Jasper Verhulst became fascinated by 70's alternative Turkish music after a concert he gave in Istanbul with Jacco Gardner. He started the band Altin Gün made of previous bandmates and Tur[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Lord Guardado : Rythme Circadien
21.11.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I discovered Lord Guardado also written Guardado Lord when I heard about the magnificient compilation "La Llama De Prometeo (La Puerta De Entrada A Las Nuevas Músicas Españolas)" dedicated to the New [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Mesak : Live at Distillery Leipzig 2018
11.11.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

How come that I had never heard about Mesak before? That is probably the question you'll ask to yourself if you discovered him recently or even with this post. I was checking news on clone and I got s[...]

716 Tapes – Radio FG Mixtape (Philips 90)
29.10.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie


Radio FG – Erik Rug & Pascal Bongo Massive
29.10.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Erik Rug en mix sur FG accompagné du regretté Pascal Bongo Massive aux Bongo [...]

Radio FG – Dj Thierry & L’Exorciste
29.10.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie


716 Exclusive Mix – Niels Klein : We Are All Astronauts On Spaceship Earth
21.08.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Niels Klein is a cool dude. You can feel it in his music too, his sets are various, groovy, entertaining but also underground. I don't like long talks, u know the deal. In this interview he gave, he m[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – WC7 : Pleromatic Delusions
10.07.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Yugolearica Mix series by WC7 aka Vladimir Crvenkovic is one of the best things I have discovered during the golden age of music blogs (circa 2010's).  I had made a focus on this mix including a l[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Armand de Preseau : African Grooves
27.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The French record collector Armand de Preseau - not this one - co-runs Nubiphone, the record label specialized in reissues alongside with Guizo Zykey, who also did an amazing 716 Mix. Their next relea[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) : Back In The Days Mix
20.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Just felt like dropping some old school rave tracks 1) Cj Bolland - Con Spirito 2) Bitin' Back - She's Breaking Up 3) Gipsy - I Trance You (Paradisio Mix) 4) Ecstasy Orchestra - Paradise 5) Opt[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – DVS NME : La Science Obscure de l’Electro
17.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have followed DVS NME's podcast for some years now. This Electro music producer and dj based in Colorado has delivered a weekly podcast on Intergalactic FM called "Dark Science Electro" since 2010. [...]

716 Exclusive Mix – DJBöhm 030303 : Brace Yourself ‘Acid’ Is Coming
07.06.18 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Jeroen Böhm is one of the members of the Acid collective based in Utrecht, 030303. 030303 is also a record label whose first release was an amazing compilation in 2009 gathering artists such as Luke V[...]