051 – Bologna (Italy) en

05.05.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Via de' Pignattari 1/f
40124 Bologna
Open Monday-Saturday 12:30pm-4pm and 7pm-11pm
- Le résumé -

It’s a bar that exists since 2009. It has a specialty food store vibe with charcuterie specialties ( mortadella, salami, ham and cooked) and wine bar, the place fills up all at once for drinks before dinner.

- Lieu -

051 is located in the zone called Quadrilatero: this is where the old merchant corporations used to be, and it’s the oldest market in Bologna. Today we can find expensive specialty food stores.

To go back to 051, we order at the bar, and then you go sit down with your drinks. Then they call you by your name when your food is ready. There was what looked like an interesting wine selection, but I went with an artisan beer instead.

They focus a lot on local products and ingredients. 


- L'équipe -

The staff is young, nice.

- Le repas -

Here again we find the famous Tigelle that I ate at Mercato Della Terra.

They’re a type of  blinis which are typical from the Modena region, that reveal all their potential when they’re served warm with a sweet or savory garnish. Here’s the recipe:la recette


- Le bilan -

A good spot to sip a good wine or artisan beer while tasting some top notch charcuterie, such as a tigelle with prosciutto.

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