Celtic Druid – Bologna (Italy) en

05.05.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Celtic Druid
Via Caduti di Cefalonia, 5
40125 Bologna
+39 051 227518
- Le résumé -

I’m not a fan of pubs outside of the UK, and let’s not even talk about the ones in France.

I had an hour to kill that day downtown, and I was wondering where I was going to go. I stumbled upon this pub, that seemed to have a good vibe, I enter, impression confirmed. My bolognese friends also agreed that this was a good place when I told them I thought this was a really nice spot.

- Lieu -

The pub is big and cozy, we feel at home there. There was the 6 nations tournament, a relaxed atmosphere, and an eclectic clientele: A Scottish man in his 50s was teasing an Italian when his team won, and anglophone students, probably Erasmus were following the game.


- L'équipe -

Nice team, there was a young lady that served me my Guinness then a man that recommended a beer by the bottle that he liked.

- Le repas -

Il y a un large choix de pressions, ça nous change de la Kilkenny et la Guinness. En plus l’happy hour est sympa : 4 euros la pinte et 4,50 for a tall mixer/ cocktail.


This was the beer I was recommended, she was indeed really good.


- Le bilan -

This Celtic Druid is a good deal.

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