716 Exclusive Mix – Le Chocolat Noir : Madhouse

12.12.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Croatian  « Le Chocolat Noir » is not a newbie. He has been running the radio show Disco Panonia for years on Intergalactic FM and also the club events with this name. You can also call Le Chocolat Noir, « Honored Matres » or simply « Yas ». Another one of his side projects is called Florence Foster Fan Club. He has released for numerous 1st class record labels including Kraftjerkz (US), Frigio (ES) – check the 716 Mix of the label boss Juanpablo – , Adriatiko (BA), Creme Organization (NL) – check the 716 Mixes of the label boss TLR – , Seagrave (UK).

Le Chocolat Noir – Dressed In Black (Feat. Sven) RTTD003

Le Chocolat Noir – Creatures Of Habit Version 2 (Live at Synth Lab)

Honored Matres – Scraping The Sky

Mix! Long techno tracks, Christmas is always the best period for Chocolat Noir!

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