716 Exclusive Mix – Le Chocolat Noir : Madhouse

12.12.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

The Croatian  “Le Chocolat Noir” is not a newbie. He has been running the radio show Disco Panonia for years on Intergalactic FM and also the club events with this name. You can also call Le Chocolat Noir, “Honored Matres” or simply “Yas”. Another one of his side projects is called Florence Foster Fan Club. He has released for numerous 1st class record labels including Kraftjerkz (US), Frigio (ES) – check the 716 Mix of the label boss Juanpablo – , Adriatiko (BA), Creme Organization (NL) – check the 716 Mixes of the label boss TLR – , Seagrave (UK).

Le Chocolat Noir – Dressed In Black (Feat. Sven) RTTD003

Le Chocolat Noir – Creatures Of Habit Version 2 (Live at Synth Lab)

Honored Matres – Scraping The Sky

Mix! Long techno tracks, Christmas is always the best period for Chocolat Noir!

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