716 Exclusive Mix – Paul Jextra : Autumn Comes Around

24.04.17 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I met Paul Jextra in Sydney, thanks to Sacha Mambo who did the connection. Paul is a French dj based in Australia for the last 15 years. He is a dj and a producer. He is a great digger and is particularly skilled in South African music. Him and Mason Mulholand released the Coarsican Ep under the name Caravan in march on Ken Oath recordings, the record has been sold out in a month.  A remix for Heart People, the duo born of former Canyons (Modular / DFA) member Ryan Grieve and model / visual artist Rachel Rutt, is expected on June. There will also be remixes by Andrew Weatherall, Tolouse Low Trax et Mr TC.
He is also mixing the upcoming album Fom OZ producer Isaac Tichauer.

His 716 mix is very pleasant to here, which doesn’t mean those records are easy to get 🙂 Rare stuff except one classic, Sydney vibe in full effect : laid back attitude and deep crate digging, when the underground travels from Australia to France, flying over Africa.

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