La Brasserie Lorraine – Paris (75008) en

18.04.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
La Brasserie Lorraine
2, place des Ternes
75008 Paris
01 56 21 22 00
Open every day of the year 7 am- 1 am
Métro : Ternes
- Le résumé -

Why am I writing about Brasserie Lorraine on 716 you ask? It’s true that it is expensive , but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver on all the points that it promises, there are no treacheries on the product, we’re at a solid and welcoming brasserie. They’re disappearing.

- Lieu -

I went regularly to Gallopin in front of the Bourse, but since the owners changed, I walked away. The staff itself, a really good one, stayed for the most part, but I didn’t like the rise in prices and the changes made by the new owners at all. Anyways.                 Brasseries, solid brasseries to which I would send clients without a moment’s thought, I don’t know that many. Recently I had clients ask me where they could go to eat good oysters: after going through a few places in my head ( also using Figaroscope’s ranking as reference ), my heart took over, the place where I enjoyed myself most eating oysters was at Brasserie Lorraine, nothing to do about it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I wondered if my memories still corresponded to reality. A quick glance at the comments online confirmed that it was still the case.

- L'équipe -

It’s one of their strong points: a smiling and welcoming staff that doesn’t take anything for granted.

- Le repas -

Appetizers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Before walking in, I had asked the openers outside if they had their favorites oysters: the specials #3 from Normandy Utah and we mixed them with specials #3 Saint-Vaast.

Fresh salmon and bass tartare , lime olive oil, home fries and mixed green salad.                                                                                                    Ok so it’s 28,50 euros, I’d understand if a few choked on the price, but once again we’re in the high-end spectrum of brasseries, and in this case, it was exactly what I was hoping for: fresh without being too cold, well prepared, wonderful.


There was also a full bowl of seasoned mixed green salad, I had asked half fries, half salad.

“Label Red” salmon from Scotland,  vegetable tart tatin

Strawberry Mille feuilles  14,50
Also perfect.

- Le bilan -

An expensive experience, but that isn’t stealing from anyone. The menu is solid, so are the dishes, I hope that you understand me: here’s a brasserie to which we can turn to when the occasion presents itself.