Le Bistrot d’Indochine – Paris (75015) en

05.04.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
Le Bistrot d'Indochine
49, rue de Dantzig
75015 Paris
01 45 31 87 27
Tramway : Station George Brassens
(T3a) Métro : Porte de Versailles
- Le résumé -

A family-runVietnamese restaurant, open since2013. The space is elegant AND it’s good. Attentionate service. A good find right by the tramway, by the Georges Brassens park.

- Lieu -

The space is pretty uppity, we could worry that it was the type of restaurant that served a cuisine that left to be desired at high prices, like it’s sometimes the case. We’ll see that this is not the case.                                                                                                                          The back of the room is lounge style, with coffee tables.                                                                                                                                                     An open-style kitchen, good sign, beautiful and clean, a man and woman were cooking in it that day.

- L'équipe -

It’s a family that runs it, with great service. At lunch, the grandpa, even though he seemed much younger than that, was serving all the while playing with his grand-child.

- Le repas -

There’s a table d’hote at luch,  14 euros appetizer and entrée.

Shrimp salad for the person with me, greatly liked

Chicken soup                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Good chicken, good taste, it could be a little spicier but it’s very good nonetheless, very fresh  and great smell: healthy



Skirt steak, satay sauce

It was the surprise of the day. I’m always skeptic of skirt steaks in sweet sauces, the meat is often left behind, with the sauce taking over the dish. The meat is perfectly cooked, it melts just enough, it’s there, it’s not lamb after all!

The satay sauce is really well done. A hearty lunch entrée.

Bo bun

The person who had taken it  was happy; by seeing it I’d say that I’d probably prefer it a little simpler.


Many deserts seemed good but we wanted to give the house-made mango sorbet a try.
A tiny bit too cold, but the fruit is truly there, a nice mango ice cream.

- Le bilan -

A good surprise, dinner menu à la carte still to try out, as well as trying other dishes to get a better overall view. A warm-hearted atmosphere with food that is also.                                                                                                                                                   A good spot for those that live in the area and those that need to take a break close to the tram.