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31.01.15 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Luca Talarico
Via Sant’Anna dei Lombardi, 17
80134 Napoli
Tel : 3484120644
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Naples is known for its leather work.
Here is an artisan in Old Naples, one of the oldest Neapolitan families to work leather.
Luca works in his small workshop and practices average prices by choice.
The bag underneath, entirely handmade, with an awesome leather? How much? How much? 29 euros. Bam.

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Commentaires (2)
    25.04.16 - 11 h 42 min - Ria Nicoletti

    I bought a bag a month ago. Love it!!!

      25.04.16 - 11 h 46 min - Guillaume

      Nice!!! 🙂 Makes me happy

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