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30.08.10 - Guillaume - 716lavie

In her 716 playlist, Sunny Side Up recommended the “Kemp Ballads for space-overs” mix by WC7.
his blog
his soundcloud page

So I checked this mix and discovered WC7 had just released another one called Yugolearica Mix and described as :
“a fusion of rare Yugoslav Balearic tunes with a folk touch from all its ex republics.
From Nu Wave-Pop Bands to Jazz Masters on keyboards, sax, guitar and drums.”

The selection was so blowing I really would post it on 716, so here it is !
And it comes with a short interview of the boss, Vlada 🙂

A) The Yugolearica Mix

1) Igor Savin i Orkestar Stanka Selaka – Let malog Erosa
2) Kozmetika – Gaja
3) Oskarova Fobija – Publika ulazi
4) Du Du A – Solar
5) U Škripcu – Ti znaš
6) Miha Kralj – Vision
7) Igor Savin i orkestar Stanka Selaka – U mukama rođena
8) Steven Hannington – Mujo kuje konja po mesecu
9) Vladimir Furduj Furda – Šakalakazu
10) Rex Ilusivii – Plava jutra (Marina Perazić)
11) Avtomobili – Prljavi jezik
12) Boban Petrović – Zajedno srećni (instrumental)
13) Aska – Htela bih da si tu
14) Bel Tempo – Ulični korak
15) Kornelije Kovač – Get it right boy
16) Vlatko Stefanovski i Bodan Arsovski – Gemini
17) Bebi Dol – How good not to love
18) Next of Kin – She didn’t love him
19) Laza Ristovski – Figueras 20) Miladojka Youneed – Show me
21) Arsen Dedić i Zoran Predin – Naj Ti Poljub Nariše Usnice
22) Petar Ugrin – Emina

B) Interview

1) How did you get the idea ?

Having listened to lots of Yugoslav tracks, I came up with the idea to make a mix (or rather, a series of mixes) consisting of the Yugo tracks I liked best, and thus to present them to broader public and keep them from being forgotten. This is the first in the series, a thematic Balearic mix.

2) Where do the tunes mostly come from ?

The tracks come virtually from all the ex Yugoslav republics, and they range from different styles, from jazz soulfunk tunes to the new wave synth pop gems, each of them balero touched.

3) Are they all vinyles you own or did you find some through the web ?

They are all vinyl rips from a friend who is a great collector of Yugoslav records , and who has almost 95% of vinyls ever recorded in ex Yugoslavia.

4) Can you present 3 bands you really like in this playlist ?

The favourites on the mix are the magnificent tracks of Bebi Dol and Du Du A, as well as the keyboard jams by virtuosi Igor Savin, Lazar Ristovski, Kornelije Kovač.

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