716 Exclusive Mix – Maja Pa : Fateful Encounter

20.03.17 - Guillaume

Maja Pa is such a talented Croatian dj, she is a member of the bRAVE collective with Le Chocolat Noir, Zarkoff & ikonal. She developed a mixing style that combines techno/dark wave/electro/acid mix, focusing on rare music, kind of slow but groovy as hell, dark and sexy. It’s like a wave slowly moving towards the beach and you can’t stop it. The first mix of her that catched my attention right away was this one. I’m blessed she could make one exclusive mix for 716lavie. She confessed me it was hard for her as a girl, a struggle to be taken seriously… crazy to hear this, in 2017. Well the music speaks for itself, Maja Pa is definitely one more dj I recommend you to follow… and book : a fateful encounter, for the best!

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