716 Exclusive Mix – Ivna Ji : A cold glass of milk

06.06.17 - Guillaume

Ivna Ji is a dj from Zagreb who is gaining in popularity in the underground electronic music scene : my friends from Dimensional Waves havepublished a mix from her at the same time than me and I think there is no mistery, something is in the air about Ivna Ji. She started djiing at the end of her high school and soon after got interested in making music, mainly electronic, but she never followed any precise type of subgenre. Lately she made music with her friend Tako with whom she shares love towards digital as well as analog hardware and synthesizers which they use to create dark, yet playful and melodic sounds laying on top of broken beats, all this being influenced by traditional electro and Detroit techno. It is not surprising that Ivna’s first vinyl release found it’s place at the UK based label with a significant name Brokntoys, also the label of Vertical67. Last but not least she a small studio with a beautiful view and very understanding neighbours :)

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