716 Exclusive Mix – Daniel Nielles : Cerrando La Discoteca 1977-1990

21.02.19 - Guillaume - 716lavie

When I published the 716 Mix of Lord Guardado , I got introduced to Daniel Nielles. I found Lord Guardado through the amazing compilation “La Llama De Prometeo”, dedicated to the New Age Folk Spanish movement 1989-1999, that was released on his label Discómanos. Actually Discomanos is co-ran by Guardado and Daniel Nielles and Daniel did the selection of tracks.

Daniel is a record collector, a selector and a music curator. He runs the cool youtube channel Tuharrdosons Beta VMusic, he sells records on discogs under the alias Tuharrdosons. The Left Ear record label asked him in 2018  to do an edit from the 1985/86 unique tape by the Spanish band Respuesta Alternativa in order to release them on vinyl under the name “Grata Compañía“. Unfortunately the label didn’t pick up all the tracks of this masterpiece.

I started to talk with Daniel about a mix he could do for 716. He told me : “Great, I did few years ago a Spanish disco selection for an Italian magazine I have the second part in mind, maybe it could be a great moment to release it.” In this volume 2 called “Cerrando la Discoteca”, you’ll hear some disco, funk/soul, rock, pop, and some subtle electronic rumba jazz, rumba funk and flamenco fusion. Great vibes are guaranteed all along the listening.

“This selection of songs aroused new emotions to the youth protagonist of the spirit of the Discoteca. These songs together serve us as a host to feel and imagine a memory of that disappeared scenario. Over there, I tried to capture a melancholy tone in this mix, at the same time rich in rhythmic nuances and sound arrangements.” Daniel Nielles, february 2019

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