716 Exclusive Mix – Rude 66 : Sparks Of Life Mix

04.03.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Rude 66 is part of this creative and authentic electro music scene from Holland alongside with people like Legowelt, I-F, Alden Tyrell, TLR, David Vunk, Dj Overdose and structures like Clone, Intergalactic FM, Godspill (the Godspill interview on 716), Global Darkness and Creme Organization to name a few.
To say it quickly : he played in noise and industrial bands in the 80’s and has been producing electro for the last 20 years, defining a unique mixture of dark new wave atmospheres and some deep electro shit, mainly produced with analog material. Don’t be surprised if his lives performances with his wife on vocals are famous and some experiences not to be missed. I-F, Rude 66, Legowelt and T.L.R were supposed to play the 4th of march in Paris but the party has been canceled and may reported to end of June. The original idea was to publish the mix at the same time. When I asked Ruud to play whatever he wants, he told me he’d like to do a wave-psyche selection, back to basics then.
Here is the “Sparks Of Life” Mix by Rude 66 for 716 Music, be ready to travel ! I’m very happy to host this deep musical odyssey on 716.

1) Supersister – Radio
2) Bronze – Parallels
3) Screen Vinyl Image – Cathode Ray (Drone mix)
4) Esther Venrooy – Arthur
5) After The Snow – Enough (Open)
6) Todd Rundgren – The sparks of Life
7) Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Superficial Roadblocks
8) Group 1850 – Paradise Now
9) Sonic Youth – Protect Me You
10) Weekend – Monday Morning
11) A.T.R.O.X – Time is like a Whale
12) Transient Waves – Paradise
13) Brian Eno – The Lost Day
14) Durutti Column – Tomorrow
15) Pink Industry – The End

716 Exclusive Mix – Rude 66 : Sparks Of Life Mix by 716 Music on Mixcloud

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