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12.09.12 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Et si on commençait la semaine avec une 716 Playlist exclusive d’Alden Tyrell? Comme ça, pour le fun. Hop, il nous lâche ses 10 sorties électro favorites de la rentrée.

You all know Alden Tyrell, why wouldn’t we start the week with a 716 Exclusive Playlist by Mr Tyrell? Hop, he is dropping his 10 favs releases of September. Some are promos and I couldn’t get any audio clip, I guess it should be coming soon.


Among his last releases, here is Tntus played by Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins.
The EP with Serge on Clone Jack For Daze will be out soon (it figures on this playlist).

1) Bad News – Real Bad News (L.I.E.S. 012.5)
Retro old school chicago tracks with heavy drums

2) Paris Mitchell – Life in the Underground (GHC001)
Raw underground Dancemania House tracks, Repress

3) John Heckle – Analog Bulldog (Math 061)
Brilliant jacking drums and synths

4) Psyk – Distane ep (Mote 031)
Driving powerfull techno

5) Creation Feat. Fantasy & X Man – Deep – The Deep (Traveller017)
Classic Oldschool tracks: Chicago / New York hybrid

6) Morning Factory – Anna Logues Sleepover (CJFD014)
Deep and melodic Chicago house

7) Jackmaster Hater – Jacks the Boxx (KR006)
Just love these triggered vocalsamples

8) VC118A – International Airlines (LDR011)
Seven intense and atmospheric electro/techno tracks

9) Serge & Tyrell – Pump-o-matic / House Countdown (CJFD015)

10) Sumerian Fleet – Aiwass (Creme Records)
Out end of september

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