716 Exclusive Mix – Teslasonic : Neutron Star Mix

27.02.16 - Guillaume - 716lavie

As his EP “Electrical Oscillator Activity” has just been released on Minimal Rome, Gianluca aka Feedback (@mr_feedback) / Teslasonic has built a mix entirely made of his Teslasonic tracks & remixes.

“Born as a collective project, a lab of sounds, images and words inspired by the Serbian genius, Teslasonic is the electrical side project of Gianluca Bertasi (aka Feedback) co-founder with Heinrich Dressel of MinimalRome. They often join the laboratory together to create sounds and atmospheres included in some of the past and recent Teslasonic’s tracks.

The man who delivered the electricity to the world was Nikola Tesla. A disliked person for this world, who passed to the history like a “mad visionary”, where an idea or an innovation comes hindered and humiliated from the will of the money, from the egoistic interests, the pedantry, the stupidity and the ignorance; attacked and repressed it is subordinate to cruel processes in the pitiless fight in order to assert itself in the world of business. »   Gianluca aka Feedback / Teslasonic

Teslasonic has just released its mini EP “Electrical Oscillator Activity”.

From the rivalty between Edison and Tesla, History has remembered the first one. I always remember when I was in Serbia for the first time. I was with a group of locals who couldn’t believe I didn’t know the name of Nikola Tesla. Yes it’s true, I had never heard this name in school.

Minimal Rome has definitely built a sound that should be rememberd in the future too and enjoyed and respected for what it is in the présent ! The label has managed to establish a catalogue of releases that share a similar vibe that can be identified – as all gréât record labels -, but that also features artists who also have their strong specific universe. Kobol Electronics, Alessandro Parisi, Heinrich Dressel, JTC, Polysick are among those musicians who have released on MinimalRome and also made a 716 Mix.
For this Neutron Star Mix, Gianluca has built a mix entirely made of his Teslasonic tracks or remixes. This is a rare and precious piece of music and it is always an honour for me to publish a 716 Mix where an artist has taken the time to mix his own productions in order to build such a personalized story.  Guillaume / 716

For this Neutron Star Mix, Gianluca has built a mix entirely made of Teslasonic tracks or remixes.

Teslasonic – Electrical Oscillator (Electrical Oscillator Activity MR333) MinimalRome
Teslasonic -The Thundering Bolt Of Jove (The Spark of Prometheus MR014) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – High Frequency Coil (Electrical Oscillator Activity MR333) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Tesla Discoverer (Asylum mash-up) (Unreleased)
Teslasonic – Teslascope Radio Transmitter (Electrical Oscillator Activity MR333) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Tuned Receiving Transformer (Electrical Oscillator Activity MR333) MinimalRome
Der Noir – Done (Teslasonic Remix) ( A Dead Summer Remixes MR023) MinimalRome
AnnV – I’m Gonna Go (Teslasonic Remix) (Re _Mixes Alb Um ‎– LGDS055) Le Galassie Di Seyfert
Teslasonic – Conscious Machine (to be released “Trame 2” MR029) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – The Anaesthetist’s Pin (Hidden Secret Space MR08) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Dark Castle (Unreleased)
Teslasonic – Spark Gap (Time Capsule -3rd 808 Box – FR012) Fundamental Records
Teslasonic – Science Perversion (Hidden Secret Space MR08) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Hidden Secret Space (Hidden Secret Space MR08) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Death Ray (Hidden Secret Space MR08) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Pyromagneto (Time Capsule-2nd 808 Box – FR008) Fundamental Records
Teslasonic – Rotating Magnetic Field (Electrical Oscillator Activity MR333) MinimalRome
Teslasonic – Sectio Aurea (intro) (The Advent Vs MinimalRome KR034) Kombination Research
SmokeProof ‎– Losing Kontrol (Teslasonic Remix) (Losing Kontrol Remixes THR 008) Through Records
Composite Profuse – Unalaska Ice Files (Teslasonic Remix) (to be released)

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