716 Playlists – Valerio Minimal Rome

17.11.11 - Guillaume

I have already published an article about Kobol Electronics and the label Minimal Rome.
Today it’s his Minimal Rome’s founder, Valerio, who is delivering his 716 playlist.

716 - Valerio-Minimal Rome

« This « top ten » list (not in this particular order) is a sort of journey into my musical inspirations.
From the first « Hard Raptus » experience thru my recent days running the MinimalRome label.
Tracks like « Superman » (from Portrait of a dead girl I and II, the bible
for many of us) or « Zipper » are part of the Den Haag’ scene which I always looked at as a source of inspiration and after many years of mutual collaboration and co-production I still love the West Coast sound of Holland. Note for instance the Legowelt’s Night of the Illuminati, his best album ever. Other tracks like « Egocentrip » or « Ambulance » are what has been so called the first “sound of Rome”. Sounds Never Seen was a label founded by Andrea Benedetti and Lory D is a milestone for all the roman electronics music producers.
Another very important resource is the Canterbury scene with tracks like « Mumps » (the best suite ever produced) and bands like Gong, Hatfield or The North are a great source of inspiration for my productions, as well as the master John Carpenter.
Enjoy! »

1) Hatfield and the North – Mumps

2) I-F – Superman

3) Lory D – Egocentrip

4) Gong – Fohat Digs Holes In Space

5) Robert Armani – Ambulance

6) Beroshima – We Who Are Oppressed

7) Squadra Blanco – Night of the Illuminati

8) Professor X – Professor X (Saga)

9) John Carpenter & Alan Howart – The Duke Arrives (Barricade)

10) Unit Moebius – Zipper

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