716 Playlists – Valerio Minimal Rome

17.11.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

I have already published an article about Kobol Electronics and the label Minimal Rome.
Today it’s his Minimal Rome’s founder, Valerio, who is delivering his 716 playlist.

716 - Valerio-Minimal Rome

“This “top ten” list (not in this particular order) is a sort of journey into my musical inspirations.
From the first “Hard Raptus” experience thru my recent days running the MinimalRome label.
Tracks like “Superman” (from Portrait of a dead girl I and II, the bible
for many of us) or “Zipper” are part of the Den Haag’ scene which I always looked at as a source of inspiration and after many years of mutual collaboration and co-production I still love the West Coast sound of Holland. Note for instance the Legowelt’s Night of the Illuminati, his best album ever. Other tracks like “Egocentrip” or “Ambulance” are what has been so called the first “sound of Rome”. Sounds Never Seen was a label founded by Andrea Benedetti and Lory D is a milestone for all the roman electronics music producers.
Another very important resource is the Canterbury scene with tracks like “Mumps” (the best suite ever produced) and bands like Gong, Hatfield or The North are a great source of inspiration for my productions, as well as the master John Carpenter.

1) Hatfield and the North – Mumps

2) I-F – Superman

3) Lory D – Egocentrip

4) Gong – Fohat Digs Holes In Space

5) Robert Armani – Ambulance

6) Beroshima – We Who Are Oppressed

7) Squadra Blanco – Night of the Illuminati

8) Professor X – Professor X (Saga)

9) John Carpenter & Alan Howart – The Duke Arrives (Barricade)

10) Unit Moebius – Zipper

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