Dj 7 – Minimix – 33RPM +8% podcast #16
28.06.17 - Guillaume

On fêtera les 3 ans de 33RPM +8% à Grand Marché Stalingrad - La Rotonde le 1er juillet avec : -SneakerDJ aka Dunkeltier (Uncanny Valley, Frigio Records, Macadam Mambo, Bahnsteig 23) -DJ 7 aka Gu[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Yung Acid : Death and Rebirth
06.06.17 - Guillaume

Mark Griboedov and Ilsur Kosichka are Yung Acid, a Russian duo of djs based between Kazan and Moscow. They "make techno but always wanted to be rappers.". They started to listen to Russian hip-hop and[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Ivna Ji : A cold glass of milk
06.06.17 - Guillaume

Ivna Ji is a dj from Zagreb who is gaining in popularity in the underground electronic music scene : my friends from Dimensional Waves havepublished a mix from her at the same time than me and I think[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – JaX DaX : Don’t Mess With Us
06.06.17 - Guillaume

From deep within Manchester's urban jungle comes JaX DaX. Keeping the original fire of the UK rave scene burning this mysterious producer has been releasing nothing but bombs on the Magic Waves and 03[...]

716 Exclusive Mixes – June 2017 : Jax Dax, Ivna Ji, Yung Acid & Suonho
06.06.17 - Guillaume


716 Exclusive Mix – Ali Renault : Electrified in Haringe
06.05.17 - Guillaume

It's been years we are in touch, but finally London producer and Dj Ali Renault features in the 716 Mixes series. His eclectic style embraces italo, electro and some more epic electronic music. He has[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Ceints de Bakélite : Acajou et Palissandre
02.05.17 - Guillaume

Ceints de Bakélite is this French music blog ran by Thomas and entirely dedicated, devoted I should say, to 78rpm records. Thomas has been collecting 78rpm for 10 years, mostly world music records, he[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Paul Jextra : Autumn Comes Around
24.04.17 - Guillaume

I met Paul Jextra in Sydney, thanks to Sacha Mambo who did the connection. Paul is a French dj based in Australia for the last 15 years. He is a dj and a producer. He is a great digger and is particul[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Camin’ : Roller Spot
20.04.17 - Guillaume

Camin' is a producer from Saratov, a small provincial town in central Russia. He has been playing music for 4 years. Initially he was very attracted by the experimental English sound, but over time th[...]

716 Exclusive Mixes – April 2017 : Ali Renault, Ceints de Bakélite, Camin’ & Paul Jextra
16.04.17 - Guillaume

Happy Eastern on 716lavie! Special delivery : Ali Renault aka the Magic Waves knight delivers the freshest electro mix exclusively made with the latest top releases to date. Paul Jextra sends his bes[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – LVRIN : Wings Of The Dawn
09.04.17 - Guillaume

The Russian producer Jenya Lavrinov aka LVRIN started recording music around 2009. Back then he decided to study music equipment and bought his first synthesizers and effect pedals. Then he tried to m[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Tropical Echobird : Color of Melancholy
05.04.17 - Guillaume

Tropical Echobird is one more alias of a reknowned Kiev-based artist who wants to stay discrete as a person. As Tropical Echobird, he only released the "Kiev Rising" Ep on the US label Roundabout soun[...]

Dj7 (716lavie) – Africa Number 1 (Live @ Le Mellotron)
22.03.17 - Guillaume

I was invited by @turnbalism to play live at his radio show on Le Mellotron [...]

716 Tapes – Dee Nasty Live @ Roger Boîte Funk
21.03.17 - Guillaume

Pour tous les old timers et fans de hip hop à l'ancienne j'ai ré-uploadé la tape du mix de Dee Nasty de 1987 à la soirée culte Chez Roger Boîte Funk au Globo à Paris. Il avait été re-diffusé sur Radio[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Maja Pa : Fateful Encounter
20.03.17 - Guillaume

Maja Pa is such a talented Croatian dj, she is a member of the bRAVE collective with Le Chocolat Noir, Zarkoff & ikonal. She developed a mixing style that combines techno/dark wave/electro/acid mi[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Svengãlik : Darker Shades
13.03.17 - Guillaume

When I was in Vilnius last year (check my article), I took some time to check the program of some of the good clubs such as The Opium club. Therefore I listened to al the artists booked for the month [...]

716 Playlists – Transitional State Playlist
07.03.17 - Guillaume

The French duo Transitional State, Entrave & Oshkossh, managed to satisfy some high quality blogs, such as my Romanian friends at Hipodrome who wrote a post and myself at 716 :), with their first [...]

716 Exclusive Mixes – March 2017 : Svengalik, Maja Pa, Tropical Echobird, LVRIN
01.03.17 - Guillaume

716 continues to explore the Eastern European territories. The Russian scene has been extremely vivid for a while now (already published on 716 : Nocow, YancityGurl, Buzz Compass), I'm glad to introdu[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Runner : Subb716 Mix
01.02.17 - Guillaume

Runner is from Athens in Greece and has been ‘at it’ for many years. It all started in the early 90’s with electronic music in Athens. From 93 till the millennium, he lived, studied, worked and partie[...]

716 Exclusive Mix – Gakona : Attentat Sonique
24.01.17 - Guillaume

I discovered the French dj Gakona through the mix he made for the Basement Tales collective. Gakona is associated to what I consider as two major crews of the electronic music scene in Paris : Vagina [...]