12.01.14 - Guillaume - 716lavie
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Commentaires (2)
    07.04.19 - 15 h 27 min - Tim

    Hey there 716-crew,
    I recently stumbled upon your mix series and I have been diggin in ever since. The disco/rarities mixes are by far my favorite; there’s some really really good stuff in there, and I especially appreciate the fact that you feature both established artists as well as lesser known DJ’s. I found a whole lot of new music going throug all the mixes, which is always great!
    Thank you very much for providing the interwebs wich such a vast collection of excellent mixes!
    I don’t know how you usually go about finding new artists for guest mixes, but if you are ever in need of someone, I would be more than happy to do one 🙂


    Tim (from Amsterdam)

      07.04.19 - 21 h 38 min - Guillaume - 716lavie

      Hello Tim,

      Such a cool message, thanks! Actually I’m alone at 716 and it feels great people like you are receptive to the selection of quality music I provide here. Indeed
      I publish mixes from both known and lesser know artists, that is my whole philosophy and from all kind of music.
      How can I listen to your own mixes?


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