716 Playlist – Banjo Or Freakout Playlist

06.07.11 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Time has finally come for a playlist by Banjo or Freakout and I’m very happy cause I’ve been supporting Alessio’s work since I discovered him one year and a half ago.

1) Robert Wyatt – At Least I Am Free

Beautiful song from one of my all time musical heroes! I love every single song Robert Wyatt released.

2) Bobb Trimble – If Words Were All I Had

Best falsetto in the history of modern pop music. People will realise eventually!

3) Jawbreaker – Jet Black

The soundtrack of my teenage years. I used to be obsessed with this band. I learned english with their lyrics and how to play drums air drumming listening to this song on the way to school.

4) Ramones – Baby I Love You!

Best Phil Spector cover ever.

Fugazi – Arpeggiator
Sometimes I wonder what Fugazi would have been if they would have been around in this internet era. I love this song on their album End Hits. One of the smartest rock bands ever.

The Field – Leave It
I love The Field. I played some shows with them with my other band Walls and we immediately fell in love with each others! His new album is going to be out after the summer and it’s going to be awesome.

7) Snoretex – Synthesist

My partner in Walls solo project remixing a classic track by Harald Grosskopf which I hope you all love already!

8) Beach Boys – Forever

Best Beach Boys ballad singed by my favourite Beach Boy, Dennis.

9) Deutsche Wertarbeit – Auf Engelsflügeln

Germans do it better! Always.

10) Wilco – Jesus, Etc

Every single song on this record makes me cry. This one in particular is just beautiful, it is just so simple but still incredibly interesting… a perfect pop song.

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