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01.12.10 - Guillaume - 716lavie

During the party “Service x Sincerely Yours x Modular” by 25 years & running @ Pompon in Paris November 5th, I heard the dj set of Glen Goetze, A&R Manager @ Modular and it gave me the idea to ask him a playlist.

Dj Dreamtime

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1. The KLF – Dream Time In Lake Jackson
The chilling blueprint, pure ecstasy.

2. Lucio Battisti – Anonimo
Beautiful and forelorn, I don’t know what he’s singing about but it sounds awfully heartbreaking.

3. Flash & The Pan – Walking In The Rain
Atmospheric and evocative night time tale from an Australian act that was much more popular outside of Australia than at home.

4. Faust – Jennifer
An old favourite, have included this one of loads of mixes, just exquisite.

5. Ragnarok – Promenader
Discovered this one last year, delightful late night relaxation vibrations.

6. Laurence Vanay – Evening Colours
Not worlds away from the Ragnarok, very simple, minimal intimate night musique.

7. Jackson C. Frank – Milk & Honey
Just a guy and a guitar but absolutely stunning.

8. 10CC – I’m Not In Love
I’m just realising maybe all these songs are about heartbreak? Is there a relation between what I consider relaxing and music fueled by a broken heart?

9. Alessi Brothers – Seabird
Beautiful West Coast whimsy from some Italian brothers!

10. The Beach Boys – ‘Til I Die
My favourite song ever.

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