716 Playlists – Dirty Deal Audio from Riga (Latvia, Lettonie) Playlist

09.01.14 - Guillaume

En complément de toutes les chroniques gastronomico-culturelles que j’ai écrites sur Riga, voici une 716 Playlists d’artistes lettons concoctée par le crew Dirty Deal Audio.
716 Playlists - Dirty Deal Audio Riga Beside all the food & culture reviews I have written during my trip in Riga, here is the 716 Playlist of Latvian artists selected by the famous crew Dirty Deal Audio.

716 Playlists - Dirty Deal Audio
1) Lessfucc – Growth

2) Ansis & Oriole – Nav
A track from « Himnas » (Anthems) – from album of two Dirty Deal Audio members – Ansis and Oriole

3) Oriole – Woman
Fresh from Oriole and his new album « Mushroom Music vol.3″

4) Kashuks – Sparrow
Dreamy piece from Dirty Deal Audio member Kashuks

5) Kristaps Ritms – Our Ways
Total banger from dirty Deal Audio member Kristaps Ritms

6) Elvi/Dunian – Hit Happens
Sweet and joyful sounds from Elvi/Dunian

7) Tablis – Vajag taalaak iet instr
Funky stuff from pro beatmaker Tablis

8) Ohmtek – Komeda Beat
Nice sounds from analog tehnologies wizard Ohmtek

Another one, smooth techno from the point of view of cat ..by Ohmtek

9) Uppfade – The Future
Music for dancing dirty of Uppfade

10) M-melodijas – You
Fresh from new M.Melodijas

11) Kodek – Polysex
Fast and furious from one of the craziest members of latvian electronic community

12) Džūka Čūska x DJ Cool Best – Maukas
Freaky track from dirty Deal Audio latest compilation – collaboration between Kodek and Džūka Čūska

13) TV Maskava – Dr Groove
Track from one of the most radical Dirty Deal Audio member Tv Maskava

14) Gas of Latvia – Preses Nams
Great and a little bit dark (but undoubtly pleasurable) experience for ears from one of Latvian electronic scene pioneer Gas Of Latvia.

15)Kuģa Bīts aka Laivas Dziesma – Minciisha Ieraksti
Powerful track from Minciisha Ieraksti, used in video for Kiwi artwork in UK

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