716 Playlists – Djs Are Persons Playlist (2009)

10.01.10 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Premini de Djs Are Persons nous envoie la liste des artistes qui l’ont impressionné récemment.

Premini et ma pomme de retour du concert de Fuck Buttons à Villette Sonique, juin 2010.
Premini & myself, back from the Fuck Buttons gig at Villette Sonique Festival in Paris, june 2010.

Premini & Guillaume

1) Azari & III
Dinamo Azari and Alexander III do the dirtiest and “jackiest” house music I heard in ages.

2) Darktown Stutters
Dark new wave duo from Texas. Their first known track “Lucifer Rising” blew mi head. No album yet but more goodies coming out, check their myspace.
(pas de vidéos disponibles donc je vous renvoie aussi au myspace)

3) Washed Out
I really enjoy their sample based slo-mo narcotic tracks, specially in warm summer nights.

4) Gatekeeper

Creepy post Dario Argento horror disco, their debut EP for Fright is awesome.

5) Leo Zero

I love his 80s new wave flavoured productions and remixes, look forward for his debut album out soon!

6) Nite Jewell : synth based spooky new wave trio, love their ethereal vocals and minimalist way of making pop.

7) Higamos Hogamos
Kraut rock inspired tracks full of nice synths and lots of echo 🙂 , full album out now on DC.

8) Architeq
Twisted urban electronica from London, their debut album on Tirk is amazing.

9) Telepathe
A group from Brooklyn making nasty, unclassifiable and totally epic tracks, genious!

10) Twisted Wires
Dark wave spooky tunes, only one single on italian do it better, more things to come.

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