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14.02.12 - Guillaume - 716lavie

La 1ère fois que j’ai écouté un morceau de Lee Gamble c’était ce remix : “Crown 8vo (Lee Gamble Koinobiont Deformation)” et c’était il n’y a pas si longtemps. J’ai aimé d’emblée cette aisance dans le son minimal et chill.
J’ai écouté le reste de ses productions, notamment ce live bien fou et j’ai vraiment aimé sa patte du coup voilà la playlist.
Lee est un membre fondateur du collectif Cyrk franchement exigeant en termes de productions sonores, il a notamment produit plusieurs lives pour la fameuse radio londonienne Resonance 104.4.

First time I have listened to a track by Lee Gamble, it was this remix not so long ago. I like his ability to produce chilly minimal sounds, he can very minimal but always sweet somewhat. I was curious to ask him a playlist, here it is! Lee is a founding member of the Cyrk crew which presents high quality sound experimentations, including various shows on the famous London radio Resonance 104.4. Check this live.

Listen to the playlist in continuous mode :


1) Req – Subculture (1997)
From a pretty overlooked album, by Req from 1997. Don’t know why? You can get it on Discogs for next to nothing. I got two.

2) FBD Project – Breakin Up (B Boy Remix) (1994)
Some of my first experiences making music were with Neil Trix from FBD Project in Coventry. This is a remix from a track from 1993, an era of UK dance music, which seemed to shape-shift weekly.

3) Kassem Mosse – Untitled (2011)
Totally killer 12″ from Mr Wendel. When House Music is done as well as this, it sounds simultaneously from the past and the future.

4) Robert Ashley – Automatic Writing (1979)
This piece took five years to make and is composed of Ashley’s ‘involuntary speech’ a result of his Tourettes Syndrome. It’s beautifully recorded (with all the ambient noise of the studio, inside and out, included into the final mix).

5) ODB – Drunken Freestyle – Yo! MTV Raps (1995)
The Drunken Master Style, the only human who’s face i have on a T-shirt. RIP Big Baby Jesus, Dirt Dog, Osirus, Rain Man, Sweet Baby Jesus, Ason Unique, Ol’ Dirt Schultz, Joe Bananas, Ill Irving the Murderer…

6) Florian Hecker – Live at Urbanomic – ‘Rearranged Playlist as Auditory Stream Segregation’ (exerpt)
I first seen Hecker, in a live situation, at Lovebytes in Sheffield in 1999. When I got in the room, most people were sitting down. Part way through, many people were standing up. By the end most people were gone..

7) Grooverider – Sinister (The Influence Remix) (1994)
I have joked in the past that this should be The National Anthem of England. I think it should.

8) Philus – Untitled B1
A fine example of the human’s obsession with repetition. “Music works because we remember the tones we have just heard and are relating them to the ones that are just now being played” Professor Daniel J. Levitin

9) Ready Ready 15728
15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 15728 Ready Ready 35350001100011535355353521793217936586665866

10) Hype Williams – Mitsubishi (2011)
Feel fresh, put this in the cassette player of your gold Mitsubishi Galant GTO-R73X and go for an aimless cruise in the countryside.

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