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02.08.12 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Je suis tombé sur le 4 titres de Metropolis sur le label Other Heights et j’ai été impressionné par le son, puissant, sombre et la grande maîtrise dans la production.
Voici une playlist de haute volée par Nick Lapien, l’homme derrière Metropolis et qui officie aussi sous le nom de Lapien/Nepal.

When I first listened to the Guardian of the Heartmachine EP by Metropolis on the Other Heights label I have been impressed by the sound, dark, deep, powerful and also the quality of the production.
Here is a high quality playlist by Nick Lapien the artist behind Metropolis and

Les prochaines sorties de Lapien/Nepal:
The upcoming releases:
– Artefakt track on Field Records08
– Lapien track on Deep Explorer VA
– Nepal EP on Other Heights

1) James Teej – Space Odditty (My favorite Robot remix)
If you can getaway with covering one of David Bowie’s best tracks over a simple house-kick, some simple poly800 chords and a cheap mic with some chorus, then you must be doing something right. The first 2.5 minutes you ask yourself if its a genius you are listening to or a slightly drunk lazy male average singer. But when the bittersweet synth chords hits, all the pieces fall into place.

2) Renkas – Interstellar
Beautiful timeless electronic pop track by dutch/ukranian talent Renkas on ‘Amsterdam’s finest’ NON-records.
Love the combination of the dark almost-dissonant synth melody and the dreamy almost-like-heaven pop theme in which it devolves. Vermillion.

3) Novamen – Lies
Incredibly catchy and lofi-raw pop track with unofficial but perfect videoclip – footage from miniseries Marco Polo Blindpassasjer. Retro-futurism at his best.

4) Jeff Mills – The extremist

One of the first techno-tracks I’ve ever heard. I remember feeling confused, slightly disturbed but mostly incredibly fascinated. The world would never be the same after that.

5) Innergaze – In your gaze
Just listen to the vocoder and let it take you to another dimension.

6) Black Jazz Consortium – Deep Love
I love the combination of the warm hypnotizing synths and the raw, dry drum sounds. These contradicting elements are what make this track so beautiful for me.
Was instantly in love with this track when I first heard it.

7) Morphosis – Silent screamer
As a big fan of improvisation in electronic music ‘What we’ve learned’ was very welcome in my music collection. This track has so much soul, proving once again that electronic music doesn’t have to be cold.

8) Wilco – I am trying to break your heart

On ‘Hotel Yankee Foxtrot’ Wilco successfully combined the beautiful songwriting of Jeff tweedy with electronics and experimental song-structures. I am trying to break your heart is my favourite track of the album: long musical intermezzos, beautiful lyrics, experimental use of instruments and electronics, it all blends together.

9) Bob Dylan – Tombstone blues
Genius absurdist track that shows once again that Bob Dylan is not just the grumpy political activist people take him for but one of the most funny and intelligent songwriters ever.

‘ Where Ma Raney and Beethoven once unwrapped their bed roll
Tuba players now rehearse around the flagpole
And the National Bank at a profit sells road maps for the soul
To the old folks home and the college ‘

10) Sagat – Few Mysteries Solved by making contact
Raw and original techno track which I will be sure to play over and over again…

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