716 Restaurants Selections – JTC (Ann Arbor Selection)

02.10.12 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Que dire sur JTC? Tadd Mullinix se faisait auparavant appeler James T Cotton, désormais c’est JTC.
Je vous conseille d’écouter le mix exclusif qu’il avait réalisé pour 716.
Voilà un producteur et dj fin, racé, intelligent et ouvert d’esprit, le genre d’artistes que j’aime et que les gens aiment aimer.
Après avoir sorti l’année dernière son album Creep Acid sur Nation, il vient de produire chez Minimal Rome un maxi d’acid techno analogique “The Controller” comme il en a le secret, avec un remix de Mick Wills.

Sortira bientôt aussi un remix du titre “Voyager” de Nick Sinna sur Prime Number.
Et enfin un maxi sur on Shaddok Records.


Tadd Mullinix formerly know as James T Cotton, is now named JTC.
I strongly recommend you the exclusive mix he had done for 716.
After having released his album Creep Acid on Nation last year, he has just produced a 12″ of analogic acid techno “The Controller” on Minimal Rome that comes with a remix of Mick Wills.
Among his new releases there is also be :
–  a JTC remix of Nick Sinna‘s Voyager on Prime Number,
– an EP  on Shaddok Records




JTC habite dans la ville universitaire d’Ann Arbor qui a vu naître les Stooges.
Fine bouche, il partage ses adresses favorites dans une ville qui a plus à offrir que ce que l’on pourrait croire.

JTC lives in Ann Arbor, a university city where the Stooges come from too.
Beside being a smart and talented producer he is also a real gourmet! And he’ll show you that Ann Arbor has much more to offer you that what you could maybe expect.

716 Restaurants Selections - JTC (Ann Arbour Selection)


1) Grange Kitchen & Bar
118 West Liberty Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 995-210
→ the website

Grange is the best restaurant in Ann Arbor. Chef Brandon butchers his own meat and specializes in ingredients that are fresh, seasonal, local, sustainable – and this truly translates to the plate. The prices are reasonable, especially when you consider the supreme quality of ingredients and Chef Brandon’s masterful talent. Needless to say, the menu changes with the seasons. There are, however, some small plates that are regulars on the menu and are extremely difficult to resist ordering. A mainstay worth trying is the Duck Confit Poutine. This dish consists of a pile of pommes frites fried in duck fat that are topped with fresh cold cheese curds, shreds of warm duck confit, and a deep, rich duck sage gravy. The curds melt slightly from residual heat and, while most fries get soft under this pile of delicious, there are always some on the outer edges that remain crispy. Another stand-by is the Scotch duck egg, a soft boiled duck egg that’s surrounded with sausage then battered, deep fried, and served with an aioli. Order anything. You really can’t miss with Grange’s exquisite approach to farm-to-table cuisine.

2) Biercamp

1643 South State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 995-2437
→ the website

Ok there’s usually only one or two things on the menu. This is actually a shop of artisanal, smoked, and cured meats. But after shopping for any number of goodies, be sure to sit down and enjoy a pulled pork or brisket sandwich. The owners make everything in this shop, so they are more than happy to share information and tastes of just about anything they sell. Some favorites of mine are the Sriracha Pork Jerky and Asparagus, Vidalia Onion and Cheddar Bratwurst. I would also recommend the duck bacon, pea-meal bacon, corned beef, landjaeger, kielbasa, hot dogs, bratwurst, pate, potato salad, baked beans and sauerkraut as well as any of their jerkys (pork, chicken, bison, lamb, beef, or turkey seasoned with unexpected flavors such as Tikka Misala, Thai Peanut and Lizano Salsa). You can’t lose!

3) Mani Osteria
341 East Liberty Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 769-6700
→ the website

Mani, which recently earned a place on a list of the top 20 Italian restaurants in America by Travel & Leisure Magazine (September issue), is a homemade italian tavern-style eatery.

I recommend the coffee spiced short-ribs, charred octopus, pickled tomatoes and any stone-oven baked pizza, among many others.
I truly enjoyed the Tagliatelle Carbonara. This pasta dish is topped with a delicately poached egg which you break once it arrives. The warm yolk oozes all over the pasta, trumpet mushrooms, and salty smoked bacon, and makes for a delicious sauce.

I enjoy the bustling friendly atmosphere, tasteful and not-too-trendy interior, and the massive seamless glass window exterior walls that provide an excellent corner view in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor.

4) Zingerman’s Roadhouse
2501 Jackson Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 663-3663
→ the website

Zingerman’s plays an important role in Ann Arbor’s cultural experience. Their famous NYC style deli, which started in 1982, serves as a flagship operation, but their creamery, bakery, coffeeshop, and Roadhouse have also received high acclaim from international culinary professionals and local “foodies”.

The Roadhouse specializes in American food, and by American food I mean Cajun, east-coast seafood, southern, slow-cooked, tender Bar-B-Q, Tex-Mex, southern soul food, etc.

My wife often remarks that it is sheer torture to wrap up her yoga practice across the street from The Roadhouse’s massive meat smokers. The mouth-watering aroma practically fills the entire west side of Ann Arbor.

I recommend the silky fresh Beau Soleil oysters (if they’re in), the BBQ brisket, the corn grits, and their award winning macaroni and cheese. The mac’n’cheese really is exceptional. After adding the bechamel and cheese to the pasta, the edges are crisped up in a cast iron skillet. And they will crisp it to-order!

5) The Chop House
322 South Main Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 669-9977
→ the website

With its dark, cozy, classic interior, The Chop House is a lot like a traditional American steakhouse but has gracefully distinguished itself from the bland type that many of our grandparents frequented. This restaurant is a bit on the pricey side, but they serve the highest quality steaks that are cooked with absolute precision. Try the filet mignon au poivre style and the cheddar au gratin potatoes. This is the place to take a carnivore friend for a special occasion. Get 1/2 price on her brithday! (Not including alcohol).