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Bionda e Lupo is a duo that has just released a 12” on Bordello a Parigi “Ton Rire”. Their sound is somewhere between synth pop, electro and the vibe is sexual, nostalgic, energetic, a bit of all this. I wanted to know more about the musical influences of the duo. The Playlist comes in 2 parts, first Bionda and then, Lupo aka Dj Sneaker.


A) Bionda Playlist

Listen to the Bionda Playlist in continuous mode :

Listen to the Playlist track by track :
1. East Wall – Eyes Of Glass

Immediately I fell in love with this song…the rain, the voice, the arpeggiator… it triggered my preference for Italo and Wave… when Lupo surprised me with the vinyl i had tears in my eyes.


2. Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance

His mesmeric guitar sound and her beguiling voice convinced me to watch them live. It was amazing and shivers ran down my spine while they played this song and filled the stage with an overwhelming atmosphere.


3. Ubre Blanca – Polygon Mountain (Mick Wills Remix)

It’s always a pleasure to meet Mick Wills (plus Isabella Venis)! 🙂
And this remix – besides his other great work – is special to me, because I was witnessing him finishing the track:
A genius in his passion.


4. Anika – Love Buzz

Nirvana was my first addiction. And their cover of Shocking Blue’s song on their first album Bleach was one of my favorites. When I saw Anika performing this track on the stage her interpretation just felt perfectly right!


5. Einstürzende Neubauten – The Garden

My second addiction. Einstürzende Neubauten.


6. Profil – Leb wohl mein Schatz

The German lyrics and the kind of singing puts me in the time of some old fashioned sailor romance movie. – Tears. The dark ocean. A woman at the harbor. Longing and waiting. It’s pure and full of love without getting too corny.


7. De Ambassade – Geen Genade

The warm and gentle voice floating over these melodies and synths transfer me into a melancholic and sentimental mood. Although I can’t understand the Dutch lyrics it touches me in a strange way. I looove it.


8. Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns

So reduced and cool and subtile. But I can’t help myself. – I have to dance. Pick me up for a trip trough the cloudy sky.


9. France Gall – Musique

Feel good and a happy mood. Like a bright and sunny summer day with ice cream and a laughing friend.


10. Desire – Under Your Spell

Do you think this feeling can last forever?
You mean like forever ever
For ever ever
For ever ever
For ever ever
For ever ever
Oh God, I hope so
Me too


B) Lupo Playlist

Lupo aka Dj Sneaker is a versatile dj and producer.
The last 3 months have seen an EP inspired by Algerian Raï and the flip has 2 beat tracks, this synth pop project Bionda e Lupo, an EP of edits on Bahnsteig 23 under his Dunkeltier moniker.
With Ober Mannkind he was involved in reissueing ‘Der Gotling‘ on Mond Musik (restoration of the tape plus editing).

Listen to the Lupo Playlist in continuous mode :

Listen to the Lupo Playlist track by track :

1. Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Time Captives
The record is from 1973 which is totally unlikely. They are rather time travellers than captives.
The 70s song elements on top of the early – but state-of-the-art – electronic production are directing into the future of free and creative music making and I don’t feel any nostalgia at all. Too much people are narrow-minded in the dance music biz.
One of the free minds played that song as an opener at Leipzig’s IFZ club – Ron van de Kerkhof. If you like demanding and exotic DJing check his mixes!


2. Potpourri – Ich Bin Durchsichtig
This one-shot uplifting German wave disco B-side was played by Fr Fels at the Nachtdigital festival last summer in an otherwise electronic set. These obstacles are usually my favourites I am raving about and the ones I am digging the next day on discogs.


3. Edite Baueniece – Mana Kafejnca Ir Salauzta
Roland “Bad Boy” Baader introduces me to a lot of Eastern music and we will publish two Soviet podcasts in the next years full of gems like this one here. BaBoBa is another DJ to follow if you wanna get entertained on a higher level!


4. Hypnobeat – Kirlian
I stumbled upon the project of James Dean Brown by the hint of Felde – THE activist for underground clubbing in Chemnitz. Hypnobeats music rotates for free on James’ website although I am waiting for the long announced vinyl releases.
James is DJing a lot today and is performing live (since 30 years) again with Helena Hauff behind at least 37 entities of the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machines.


5. Elbee Bad – Late In The Evening
Elbee, LB or The Prince Of Dance I know since the re-release of his Nu Groove classic “The True Story Of House Music” on Hell’s Gigolo Rec..
We invited him to play 8 years ago, though he might not remember today. But he remained always a deep inspiration for my music. He is a true underground musician and maybe he didn’t receive the respect he deserves, yet.
This track was never released on vinyl although LB always dared to release his art by himself on LaRhon Records.
One can find LB’s low bass lines in my own productions and sets. His production is raw. His spirit is true. His mind is high.
Also the video illustrates this vibe!


6. Trisomie 21 – The Last Song
June (who regularly plays DJ sets of wave all night long) showed me this brilliant euphoric song I had no idea of. He is a brilliant musician, adorable person and I am really lucky that we met!


7. Saturn V – Locomotion
I could have taken any of Traxx tracks 😉 Here with JTC. Insane drumming and layering.
Nothing to recreate. It’s something else here. Far more irrational.


8. Frio- Someone Else
The song I sent to my girl Bionda while I had the routine to send her one italo/wave song a day.
It’s a shame that Someone Else got only a release on CD.
I would state that it’s the most fabulous heart-melting minimal synth song WITHOUT any drums.
There is no single hit and still it’s so intriguing and entertaining, you don’t want it to stop! Everlasting love!


9. Rydims – Nice And Slow
Nice And Slow is no secret – it’s a classic. But I wanted to introduce good music to people and not showing off alone with quirky oddities. I am soaking in all and every house record by Bobby Konders. And even though I am not into ragga it’s only the sign of a versatile being that he moved on to a completely different genre after 1990 staying true to himself to further his peaceful vibe and soulful mood.


10. Mick Wills – Phantom 77
An ‘early’ stand out track from Mick. Everything of his recent productions seem to be apparent already. Is it techno? – To me his music is an own style that matches better himself, his mixing and selection than a generalising genre tag.

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