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08.06.13 - Guillaume - 716lavie

Celebrine est un duo moscovite plein de pêche. Après avoir suivi des études musicales plutôt classiques, ils se sont jetés dans ce projet électro pop.
Leur playlist de qualité est bienvenue!
Ils ont un maxi – leur 1er! – “Selfdestructive Boy” prévu pour la fin juin sur le label de Chicago Glenview Records Inc. Une autre sortie devrait voir le jour mi-juillet avec notamment des remixes par The Miracles ClubKings Of Universe et beaucoup d’autres…

Celebrine is an exciting duo from Moscow. After having followed some academical music studies, they’ve created this electro pop project. Their high quality playlist is very welcome.
They have an upcoming 12″ single – their first one! – “Selfdestructive Boy” planned for the end of june on the Chicagoan label Glenview Records Inc. Another one is planning to be released in the mid july with remixes by The Miracles Club, Kings Of Universe and many more…

1) Fostercare – The Empire Will Drain U
Recently we’ve found out this musician. Love most of the things he does. It sounds fresh and powerful.

FOSTERCARE – The Empire Will Drain U from Fostercare on Vimeo.

2) Ekat Cordes – Umbrella Feat. Naadyn
Guess, it’s one of the best covers we’ve ever heard.

3) Krisma – Water
Totally crazy band. All their songs and videos are like this, despite that they were very popular at some moment in the 80’s.

4) Seapunk Gang – Nø d
This song was released just a few days ago. Waiting for more from this band, cuz this song is so full of joy and rave.

5) Visonia – Impossible Romance
This song is a dark romantic fairy-tail in electro style. Takes away.

6) Mlick – Mirth
Cute sad bells.

7) Igor Maximilian – 100-Year Flood
This track of our friend appearing sometimes as a soundtrack for a dreams.

8) Robots With Rayguns – Bedhead
Atmosphere of the internet and nostalgia for a sweet 90’s.

9) Maxim Nazarov – Windows 95
Modern-romantic track of our friend.

10) 16Bit with Sven Vath – Where Are You 

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